Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition: Hala

The arrival of the first syrian refugees at the Toronto airport on December 10, 2015.

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Transcript: Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition: Hala

Video length: 39 seconds

[light music intro]

A light with a small maple leaf shines through a cloud of smoke.

Text displays: “Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition”

A man and a woman stand in a room with perimeter shelving full of clothing items and small Canadian flags on the top. The woman speaks.

Text displays: “Hala – Refugee arrived in Toronto on December 10, 2015”

Well…because of the war, we couldn’t live anymore…always bombing, always the threat. Every time you get out of your home, you can get killed by whatever. So we couldn’t live anymore with fear. So we decided to leave Syria…and this is a new beginning. We’re so excited.

Fade to black

Text displays: “To learn more, go to

Canada word mark is displayed.

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