Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition: Tuyet Lam

A former refugee recounts her escape journey to Canadian freedom.

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Transcript: “Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition: Tuyet Lam”

Video length: 00:00:38 minutes

Urban music plays in the background, while a video montage is shown of a dark sky with black windy clouds. The sky opens up to reveal sunlight hidden behind.

The screen turns from daylight to white background.

Gold text displays: “Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition” with a red Canadian maple leaf.

The screen turns to a red background.

TUYET LAM (Former Refugee): Having escaped from my country that we had no future, nothing, and sacrificed everything just to be here in search for freedom. To accept refugee … the number of refugees like every year and also increased the number of private sponsorships, I think these things that define Canada.

The screen goes black.

Text displays in white font: “To learn more:

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