Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition: Vanig

Arrival of the first Syrian refugees in Toronto on December 10, 2015. The war in Syria forced Vanig and his family to flee their country and come to Canada to start a new life.

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Transcript: Canada's Humanitarian Tradition: Vanig

Video length: 39 seconds

[light music intro]

A light with a small maple leaf shines through a cloud of smoke.

Text displays: “Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition”

A man, woman and child stand in a busy terminal. The man speaks.

Text displays: “Vanig – Refugee arrived in Toronto on December 10, 2015”

We have lack of water, electricity, safety…always rockets—destroyed—everywhere is destroying, so destruction is spreading there. So, for the safety of my children and for us of course, we have to leave.

Fade to black

Text displays: “To learn more, go to

Canada word mark is displayed.

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