Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition: Youssef

Youssef is a Syrian refugee who landed in Toronto on December 10, 2015. He feels that he will be able to start a new life here in Canada.

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Transcript: Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition: Youssef

Video length: 1:37 minutes

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A man speaks from an empty terminal.

Text displays: “Youssef - Refugee arrived in Toronto on December 10, 2015”

Because of the war, I had…field, I worked as a…French teacher. But there are…because of the war…people left. There are no students to teach, there are no… I can’t work there…but…the economic situation is bad.

I’m so excited. I…I…the Canadian government already, they welcome us in Beirut. Thanks for ambassador, staff of the embassy in Beirut. Thanks for the staff of the flight—of the airplane—they were so kind, they were so, so nice, they were always smiling to us. They help us even here in Toronto. I just came. The people welcome us. It’s…there is…there is…there is very nice hospitality…Canadian hospitality. I call it the…the Canadian smile. Yeah, it’s really nice. Thank you. I’m so grateful.

I wanna feel safe…ensured. I wanna…I wanna make maybe a little family. Maybe I can get my family, my father, mother and sister. They’re still in Syria. I have already my…my cousins here. We’re gonna join each other. We’re gonna…I want…I wanna start a new life, and…I…I believe in Canada, I’m gonna be great things…or a great job.

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