Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition: Lan Ton

A former Vietnamese refugee remembers how much Canadians do for refugees, especially Vietnamese refugees.

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Transcript: “Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition: Lan Ton”

Video length: 00:00:34 minutes

Urban music plays in the background, while a video montage is shown of a dark sky with black windy clouds. The sky opens up to reveal sunlight hidden behind.

The screen turns from daylight to white background.

Gold text displays: “Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition” with a red Canadian maple leaf.

The screen turns to a red background.

LAN TON (Former Refugee) (speaking French): Canada really did a lot for refugees. For Vietnamese refugees in particular, Canada received an award for its humanitarian efforts. All Canadians came together to welcome the Vietnamese people many years ago.

The screen goes black.

Text displays in white font: “To learn more:

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