Welcome home to Canada – Celebrate being Canadian

Canada is a beautiful country, with fascinating natural scenery, diverse culture and great urban development. Each year, thousands of people become Canadian. We value the rights and freedoms and accept the responsibilities that this status gives us.

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Transcript: “Welcome home to Canada – Celebrate being Canadian”

Video length: 2:16 minutes

Symphonic music plays and builds as the video montage progresses.

  • The sun rises over a prairie wheat field
  • A herd of wild horses runs across a plain
  • A woman stands at an inukshuk
  • Various cityscapes are shown
  • An iceberg floats in the ocean
  • Polar bears walk along snow and ice
  • A lighthouse on a barren, rocky shore
  • A fishing boat passes by a small town in the Maritimes
  • A loon and a beaver are shown
  • An aerial view of fall foliage is shown
  • A combine harvests a wheat field
  • A train winds along a mountain track beside a river
  • A large solar farm is shown
  • An aerial view shows  the Peace Tower Ottawa cityscape
  • RCMP officers march outside a stone building
  • Various cityscapes are shown
  • An aerial view highlights Niagara Falls
  • A barren coastline

MUSIC: Builds to a Crescendo, becomes louder and faster.

  • A lone person plays hockey on a large mountain lake
  • People sing and dance at an Indigenous ceremony
  • A woman competes in rodeo barrel racing
  • A group plays pond hockey
  • A lacrosse player scores a goal
  • A man drives a dogsled along a wooded trail
  • People participate in a Pride parade
  • Musicians perform at an outdoor street festival
  • The Governor General’s Foot Guards perform on Parliament Hill
  • Team Canada scores a gold medal-winning goal during an Olympic hockey game as the crowd cheers
  • A Canadian track athlete completes a medal-winning Olympic sprint and drapes himself in the Canadian flag
  • Team Canada scores a medal-winning goal in an Olympic women’s soccer game as the crowd cheers

MUSIC: Builds to a Crescendo, becomes anthem-like.

  • One-legged distance runner Terry Fox runs along the TransCanada highway during his Marathon of Hope
  • Veterans march in Remembrance Day ceremonies
  • Costumed interpreters walk around a historic site
  • An aerial view shows a historic fort
  • The Queen inspects the Governor General’s Foot Guards
  • Step dancers and a violin player are shown
  • An Inuit artist carves
  • A family of tourists take pictures on a large staircase
  • People dance at an street festival
  • An Inuit man standing on the Arctic tundra smiles
  • The Chateau Frontenac is shown
  • A boy sleds down a snow-covered hill
  • A girl admires a totem pole

MUSIC: Builds to a Crescendo, becomes celebratory.

  • The inside corridor of the National Gallery is shown
  • Researchers work in a lab
  • People shop at an outdoor vegetable market
  • People enjoy an outdoor concert
  • A couple sits by a lake outside their small camping tent
  • The Northern Lights are shown
  • An aerial view show a large cathedral
  • A person showshoes
  • Children and adults run and play in the snow

MUSIC: Becomes quieter, more subtle, slows down in tempo.

  • Fireworks surround Niagara Falls
  • A family is warmly greeted at an airport
  • A group of people take their Oath of Citizenship and some wave small Canadian flags afterwards
  • A Canadian flag flies against a mountain backdrop

Text displays:  “Welcome Home/Bienvenue chez vous”.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada corporate signature along with the copyright message: “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 2016” is shown.

Canada wordmark is shown on a black background.

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