Daniel Alfredsson on becoming a Canadian Citizen

Daniel Alfredsson on becoming a Canadian Citizen

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Transcript: “Daniel Alfredsson on becoming a Canadian Citizen”

Video length: 01:33 minutes

Music plays as a graphic with leaves falling against a white background appears.

Text displays: “Daniel Alfredsson on becoming a Canadian Citizen”

A man appears on screen. It’s Daniel Alfredsson.

Daniel Alfredsson: Today, becoming a citizen, that wasn’t even… I couldn’t even have dreamt that up. You know, it’s a very diverse country. They include everybody and, you know, it… they made you feel at home from the start.

Music plays as a large, outdoor stage fades in, with two performers playing. The crowd of faces looks on as a citizenship ceremony begins. Cassie Campbell-Pascall leads the citizenship ceremony. Other dignitaries at the table, including Ron MacLean, Gary Bettman and others, watch on.

Cassie Campbell-Pascall: Today’s ceremony presents a wonderful opportunity for all of us to reflect on what our Canadian citizenship means.

A voice is heard as Bibi and Daniel Alfredsson repeat the Oath of Citizenship along with other people in the crowd.

Woman’s voice: Congratulations! You’re now Canadian citizens.

Daniel Alfredsson appears in a scrum, after the ceremony.

Alfredsson: Yeah, it was a different feeling to it today. There’s no question. You know, we knew this was going to be a special day for us, and… but it felt comfortable, obviously, with all the hockey references and the, you know, the national anthem. Usually, when I’ve heard that over the years, it’s been, you know, 90 seconds ’til puck drop, and it’s the song I know inside out now, and because of all the games we played in the National Hockey League, it has a special meaning.

The Alfredssons, along with the crowd, sing the national anthem as a high shot fades in with the crowd wearing red Canada hockey jerseys. They stand, forming a maple leaf, with Alfredsson front and centre.

Canada word mark is displayed.


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