Express Entry: Canada, Your New Home

Immigrate to Canada! If you are a skilled worker who is thinking of immigrating to Canada, you may be able to call this country home more quickly than you think. Learn more:

Express Entry: Canada, Your New Home

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Transcript: “Express Entry: Canada, Your New Home”

Video length: 1:22 minutes

Soft music plays. A blue background with Canada shown on a globe is displayed in the lower right corner and an illustrated arrow points to the globe.

Text displays: Express Entry
Entrée express
Canada, Your New Home

A montage consisting of a waving Canadian flag, a woman smiling in front of a computer, a headshot of a smiling man, a couple happily walking on a city sidewalk, a woman and child smiling outside, a boy wearing a straw hat laughing, a woman smiling as she waves a Canadian flag and a cityscape is shown.

There are many reasons to Choose Canada!
We’re proud to be one of the most multicultural countries in the world.

The montage changes to various cityscapes and crowds, in various urban locales.

Text displays: A high standard of living

Canada has a strong economy and one of the highest standards of living among the G-Twenty nations.

The montage changes to various scenes of people working in different industries.

Text displays: A strong economy

Canada has a great job market with plenty of opportunities,
and we offer opportunities to businesses and entrepreneurs.

The montage of various people in different urban settings is shown.

Text displays: Welcoming communities

Across the country, you’ll find welcoming communities where you’ll feel right at home.

The montage shows various people in office type settings receiving guidance.

Text displays: A high standard of living

Living in Canada is affordable.
And you and your family can benefit from many immigrant services and support to help adjust to life in Canada.

A montage depicts many natural settings such as lakes, rivers, mountains and forests then shows some cityscapes, a harbour and various outdoor markets, festivals and fireworks.

Text displays: A clean environment

You’ll appreciate the natural beauty of our country
and our clean, friendly cities.

A montage shows the Peace Tower, parliamentary precinct in Ottawa, a person taking a picture of a man and child followed by various people waving at an outdoor event.

We’re proud to be a peaceful nation with a low crime rate.
We promote a free and fair society with equal opportunity for everyone.

A montage shows a dentist working on a patient, a welder, a man looking through a microscope in a lab, oil rig workers and a nurse.

If you’re a skilled worker with the qualifications we need, you might be able to make Canada your permanent home by applying through our new Express Entry system.

A blue background with Canada shown on a globe is displayed in the lower right corner.

Text displays:

Want to learn more about what Canada has to offer you and your family?

Visit our website.

Screen fades to black and the Canada wordmark appears.


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