Fawad - Journey to Canada: Stories of Refugees

Fawad, a former Afghani refugee and now proud Canadian citizen, shares his inspirational journey.

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Descriptive Transcript: Fawad – Journey to Canada: Stories of Refugees

Video length: 50 seconds

Urban music plays in the background while a video montage is shown of a dark sky with black windy clouds. The sky opens up to reveal sunlight hidden behind.

The screen turns from daylight to a white background.

Gold text displays: “Canada’s Humanitarian Tradition” with a red Canadian maple leaf.

A man appears on screen in an office setting.

Fawad (Policy Analyst): My dad was in the house, and so he went outside to take a look, and he said that he opened the gate, and as soon as he opened the gate, a bullet sort of zoomed right by him, and he could feel the heat of the bullet going… and it was that close. And at that point he said, “Ok, I better get in the basement of the house, because that’s the only safest place,” and I guess that’s how he survived, you know, the five missiles that day… I was able to reunite with my family. My brother was there. We sponsored my mom. She came, so it was great to see her and be back with the family together and sort of start my life all over again.

The screen goes black.

Text displays in white font: “To learn more: Canada/ca.refugees

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