Global reach, human impact

We are a department focused on people. Every day our work affects lives across the world. We collaborate with Canadian citizens, sponsors, employers, and educators. We protect refugees, promote citizenship, facilitate the arrival of immigrants and pursue passport innovation.

Global reach, human impact

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Transcript: “Global reach, human impact”

Video length: 1:38 minutes

Light, upbeat music plays.

A crowd of people walks through an airport terminal. An immigrant man emerges from the crowd.

A group of people looks at the Centennial Flame in front of Parliament.

Text displays: “Global reach - Human impact” against a blurred background of a busy airport terminal.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) employees work in an open office setting.

We see a woman talking to the group as part of a workshop.

A male Narrator speaks.

Narrator: At Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, we have a mandate to build Canada’s future.

A man walks through a breezeway of an office complex. A Canadian passport is scanned. A woman holds a baby. An IRCC employee plays with the baby’s hood.

Narrator: We are the first face of Canada.

A smiling family walks along a snow-covered, suburban sidewalk.

Narrator: Welcoming hundreds of thousands of newcomers each year, building vibrant, dynamic and inclusive communities.

A man watches an amateur soccer game from the sidelines. He gives the thumbs-up gesture.

A group of people in a desert climbs into the back of a large military truck.

Narrator: Some are refugees escaping chaos.

People walk and interact in an office environment.

Narrator: Others are chosen for their unique skills.

A group of immigrants works in a science laboratory.

Narrator: But they come here for the same reason.

A family smiles and gives the thumbs-up gesture.

Narrator: The opportunity for a better life.

IRCC employees wearing orange vests work at their desks.

Two seated women talk in an office.

Narrator: We are a diverse group of people helping people.

A woman walks through a refugee camp. A doctor, a nurse and a lawyer are shown working.

Narrator: We are foreign service officers working overseas, doctors, nurses and lawyers.

A man works at a desktop computer.

A man sits with a child who is playing with a stuffed animal.

Narrator: We are tech experts and policy innovators – working to reunite families and attract top global talent that will contribute to our economy.

A group of standing people looks at a whiteboard in an office boardroom.

There is a sign indicating the direction to "Immigration" in a terminal.

Finger print scan and facial verification are shown. An economic newcomer buys an item from a clerk at a store.

Narrator: We are cutting edge – finding new ways to decide who comes to visit, work or stay.

A montage of people working in various office settings is shown.

Narrator: We are clerks, HR, finance and communications people. And, of course, migration officers.

A war-room style operations centre is shown.

A Network Analysis graphic appears on a laptop screen.

The IRCC graphic design team is shown.

Narrator: We are a workplace that embraces change, thrives on innovation and unlocks potential.

A woman at a desk slides an identification card into a clear, plastic case.

A woman in front of a whiteboard instructs a group of people.

Narrator: Together we help settle people into Canada.

People walk on the skating rink in front of the Peace Tower. A citizenship ceremony takes place there. A group takes a selfie at an airport.

Narrator: And with that, we have a mission to grow Canada and share the bond of citizenship!

A small child holding a Canadian flag sits on a citizenship judge’s lap.

A young girl hugs a woman holding a Canadian flag. A smiling boy and woman look on.

Narrator: Our family, building the Canadian family: that’s how we see it.

A man holds a young child and a Canadian flag in a room adorned with Canadian provincial flags.

Text displays: “COME JOIN US! –”.

Narrator: Come join us!

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada corporate signature along with the copyright message: “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 2018” is shown.

Canada wordmark is shown on a black background.

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