Open work permit for vulnerable workers

Open work permit for vulnerable workers

Transcript: “Open work permit for vulnerable workers”

Video length: 2:34 minutes

Light, upbeat music plays.

Title appears: Open Work Permit for Vulnerable Workers

Four 3-dimensional graphic migrant workers, 2 women and 2 men, stand in front of a map of Canada. One male migrant worker holds an employer-specific work permit in his hand.

Narrator: As a migrant worker in Canada, with an employer-specific work permit, the job you do is important.

A close-up of the employer-specific work permit is featured.

Narrator: You help our businesses grow.

One of the male migrant workers, from the opening, wears a hard hat at a construction site. A small backhoe is in the background.

Narrator: You should be able to do your job in a safe

One of the female migrant workers, from the opening, carries an empty fruit crate in a warehouse. Two crates of pears sit on a conveyor belt roller.

Narrator: and healthy workplace and be treated with respect.

The other female migrant worker, from the opening, sits in an office cubicle with her hands held up to her face in despair. An ominous shadow looms over her.

Narrator: But, if you have been mistreated at work, or are in an abusive job situation

The ominous shadow grows in size.

Text appears: Abuse, Physical, Sexual, Financial, Psychological

Narrator: you may be eligible for the open work permit for vulnerable workers.

The ominous shadow fades away. The female migrant office worker lowers her hands from her face with renewed hope.

Narrator: It can help you leave your abusive situation and find a new job, with a new employer.

The female migrant fruit picker sits behind an open laptop computer on a dining room table.

Narrator: Don’t worry. We will not contact your current employer during the application process. And there is no fee.

She scrolls through IRCC Web pages on the laptop’s screen.

Narrator: To get started, you’ll need to fill out the regular online work permit application. You’ll be asked for information about yourself before you are asked about the abuse.

The shot changes to the female migrant office worker standing behind the same laptop reviewing the same IRCC webpages.

Narrator: When you fill out your online application, you’ll be asked to attach a letter that tells us what you are experiencing and any other proof you feel is important. To find out about the types of evidence you should include, please go to

Text appears:

The other male immigrant worker, from the opening, reads a letter in a shipping warehouse stacked with boxes.

Narrator: After we receive your application, we will treat it as a priority.

The male immigrant construction worker holds a mobile phone to his ear.

Narrator: If we have questions, you might be asked to do a private interview.

The female migrant office worker, holding a letter, stands beside her young daughter and husband. A smile is on her face.

Narrator: If you’re approved, you can find a new job. And any adult family members who came with you to Canada may also be eligible for an open work permit.

A male employer of migrant workers sits in a government office being questioned by a female government representative, who stands across from him behind her desk. Both are 3-dimensional graphics and are slightly out of focus.

Narrator: You should know that if we approve your application, we’ll investigate your former employer. Depending on what we find, they could get a fine or be stopped from hiring other migrant workers.

The female migrant fruit worker carries 2 empty wooden crates.

Narrator: If you are not approved, we won’t tell your employer that you applied.

One by one, each of the migrant workers’ faces rotate into the frame: first the female office worker, then the male construction worker, then the female migrant fruit picker and finally the male shipper.

Narrator: As a migrant worker in Canada, your rights are protected.

The 4 migrant workers are lined up together side-by-side.

Narrator: To find out more about the open work permit, visit

Text appears:

The screen fades to white.

Text appears: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada corporate signature appears, along with the copyright message: “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 2019.”

The Canada wordmark appears on a white background.

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