Operation Stork: One Year Later

Operation Stork: One Year Later

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Transcript: “Operation Stork: One Year Later”

Video length: 02:35 minutes

Open: “Remembering Haiti, January 12, 2010”

Still of people outside Air Haiti airport in tents

Still of people in the streets of Port-au-Prince following the earthquake

Still of crowd outside the Canadian embassy in Port-au-Prince

“Canada moved quickly to help some of the youngest victims”

“Operation Stork 2010”

Still of parents looking out the window at the airport

“Between January 24 and March 4, six planes arrived at the Ottawa airport”

Still of crowd waiting outside to greet an arriving plane

“203 of the passengers were children coming to their new adopted families in Canada”

Still of woman carrying child off plane

Still of man carrying child

Still of back of woman’s head as she carries child

Still of woman carrying child

Still of stakeholder and CIC employees coordinating donations of winter coats for children

Still of hand-knit mitts donated for children

Still of CIC employees organizing donations of winter coats

Still of CIC employee carrying winter coats

“In just six weeks, Canadian and provincial officials processed as many adoptions from Haiti as they normally process in two years”

Still of family hugging on sofa

Still of family looking at camera

Still of family smiling at camera

Still of little girl kissing her new baby sister

“One year later”

Still of little boys sitting on couch with their mother

Still of little boys laughing on a chair

Still of little boys being held by their father

Still of brother and sister on a couch

Still of family playing a game

Still of family sitting on a couch

Still of little girl smiling on mother’s lap with father in background

Still of family sitting on a couch

Still of little girl smiling into camera



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