Operation Stork

Operation Stork

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Transcript: “Operation Stork”

Video length: 01:50 minutes

Still photos of people in the streets of Port-au-Prince following the January 12 earthquake.

Still photo of crowd outside the Canadian embassy in Port-au-Prince

Still photo of Canadian aid workers at the Port-au-Prince airport.

Video of an Air Transat flight on the tarmac at Ottawa Airport. A crowd of reporters records Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) staff taking Haitian orphans wrapped in blankets off the plane and into a reception area.

Inside, staff care for the children. A small child yawns.

As it starts to snow, CIC staff continue transporting children inside.

A staff member wipes her eyes and embraces a colleague.

Inside, staff pass children to their adoptive parents.

The last of the children are brought in from the plane.

Inside, staff coordinate the adoption process while the children are held, fed and played with.

Adoptive parents, holding their children, leaving the reception area and the airport.

A CIC staff member walks a couple with their adopted child down a hall.


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