Opportunities in Canada

Opportunities in Canada

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Transcript: “Opportunities in Canada”

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VIRGINIE DE VISSCHER (Manitoba, originally from Belgium, Director, Trade): We came from Belgium but left an established life in Africa. We left everything behind and came here to try to give our children an opportunity. We were looking for a place for them and an environment where we could raise them in values we believed in. We think Canada stands for the values we want to instil in our children. And they’re growing up in this bilingual environment surrounded by people who can help them in French and English. I hope that will make them well-rounded people.

NADINE KABWE-KITI (New Brunswick, originally from Congo, Pediatrician): Canada is a country that offers huge educational opportunities. People can take programs leading to degrees that are well recognized all over the world.

CYRIAQUE KITI (New Brunswick, originally from Benin, Banking Services Advisor): We love Canada because there’s … it’s a beautiful country, a beautiful country that is still quite safe, and a country of opportunity, a country where everyone can have … can enjoy rights, put down roots, have a good family life and be as successful as they want. For example, just at the bank, I have so many opportunities for advancement and development … professional development that’s always available. We have all kinds of opportunities. What we want in life, what we want when we leave our home, is to succeed professionally and have a family life, to live in safety.

JEAN-NICOLAS DORAT (Newfoundland and Labrador, originally from France, Engineer): North America is far more entrepreneurial than Europe, at all levels. I wanted to change fields. I was in the automotive field and I was ready to make the move to a small or medium-sized business. There was a small risk involved, but I felt strong enough to embrace the challenge and also grow. I have learned so, so, so much. We only have one life, so why not make the most of it? In France, it wasn’t possible.

STEVE DE METS (Manitoba, originally from Belgium, Agronomist): A future for our children. That’s … That’s definitely the … the best thing Canada has to offer. Economically, Canada is doing really well, I think. It took Virginie just two weeks to find a job and me three weeks. And so it’s … Everything is possible, there are endless possibilities, it’s a country of entrepreneurs and we really like that, and we feel it’s very important for our children.

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