Syrian refugees: Second flight arrives

The Government of Canada welcomes the second group of Syrian refugees at Montreal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport on Saturday, December 12, 2015.

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Transcript: “Syrian refugees: Second flight arrives”

Video length: 41 seconds

Upbeat music plays in the background while a video montage is shown. A dark screen brightens and stars appear in the background.

The screen goes white.

Black text displays on three lines: “IRCC, Update on Refugees, Mise à jour sur les réfugiés” with a red Canadian maple leaf design between IRCC and Update on Refugees and Mise à jour sur les réfugiés.

The music stops. The screen changes from a white background to show a group of people walking and talking from right to left across from beige lockers.

White text is displayed in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen on two lines: “Syrian Arrivals, Montréal, December 12, 2015.”

VOICE-OVER (woman speaking English): It was an emotional evening as 161 Syrian refugees arrived in Montréal.

The video changes to a view of Syrian refugees. They are talking, smiling and hugging each other. There are two woman and two men. In the background, volunteers smile as well as photographers and cameramen, who are photographing and filming the event, while the voice-over begins.

The screen changes to another view of refugees in the airport hanger setting. A man rubs a woman’s forehead, while both of them smile.

VOICE-OVER (woman speaking English): At the local Welcome Centre, excited sponsors, family members and volunteers waited to greet them.

The screen changes to a higher angled view of a group of refugees being welcomed to Canada by volunteers as they walk, talk and smile. Displayed in the background are new winter coats of various colours and sizes hanging on clothing racks as well as boxes of new winter boots. Volunteers stand by to greet refugees. Some wear suits and others wear red vests.

The screen changes to a close-up of a boy about to be fitted for winter boots by a man wearing a blue suit and a woman wearing a red vest.

VOICE-OVER (woman speaking English): Here, they received warm clothing and helpful information to begin their new lives in Canada.

The screen changes back to the same boy about to be fitted for a new winter coat.

The screen changes to another view of people hugging and smiling, while in the background a group of photographers and videographers photograph and film the event. Employees and volunteers stand by to greet and help refugees as they arrive.

The screen changes to a view of a boy smiling and looking happy.

The screen goes white.

Text on screen is in grey font and reads: “#WelcomeRefugees” and then “#Bienvenueauxréfugiés,” with a red Canadian maple leaf design.

Text displayed is: “The Canada workmark”; “Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada”; and “Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada.”

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