Tima Kurdi speaks about refugees

Tima Kurdi talks about the impact of her nephew's plight, and refugees.

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Transcript: “Tima Kurdi speaks about refugees”

Video length: 26 seconds

Upbeat music plays in the background while a video montage is shown. A dark screen brightens and stars appear in the background.

The screen goes white.

Black text displays on three lines: “IRCC, Update on Refugees, Mise à jour sur les réfugiés’’ with a red Canadian maple leaf design between IRCC and Update on Refugees and Mise à jour sur les réfugiés.

The music stops. The screen changes to show a woman looking like she is about to talk, and she is surrounded by a small group of people.

The screen goes black, and the name Tima Kurdi shows on the left side of the screen in white text on a black background.

Screen changes back to the same woman.

Tima Kurdi: The image of my nephew Alan, who woke up the world, and finally people in the world … they start to realize, the suffering of refugees.

The screen goes white.

Text on screen is in grey font and reads: “#WelcomeRefugees” and then “#Bienvenueauxréfugiés,” with a red Canadian maple leaf design.

Text displayed is: “The Canada workmark”; “Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada”; and “Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada.”

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