True North Strong and Free: Hung Vu

True North Strong and Free: Hung Vu

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Transcript: “True North Strong and Free: Hung Vu”

Video length: 0:44

(Montage of words representing Canada)

(Title appears: Our Citizenship)

(Title appears: Hung Vu on what it means to be Canadian)

(Title appears: Hung Vu (Former Refugee)

(medium shot of Hung, who is seated while talking)

It means a lot to me to be a Canadian, and the reason I’m saying that is because I really appreciate the values that Canada has, like democracy, human rights and all of this, and Canadian participation on the world stage. And, at the same time I also appreciate very much the landscape of Canada. Like, I’m an outdoor person, so I really, like, enjoy the lakes, the mountains, the snow and everything that Canada has to offer.

(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada wordmark appears)

(Government of Canada wordmark appears)


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