True North Strong and Free: James Nguyen

True North Strong and Free: James Nguyen

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Transcript: “True North Strong and Free: James Nguyen”

Video length: 0:57

(Montage of words representing Canada)

(Title appears: Our Citizenship)

(Title appears: James Nguyen on what it means to be Canadian)

(Title appears: James Nguyen (Former Refugee)

(medium shot of James, who is seated while talking)

My motherland is Vietnam, but I came here at such a young age, you know, all the memories of Vietnam are distant to me. I consider myself Canadian. You know, I moved to Edmonton when I first came to Canada, and Stanley Cup and hockey and Marc Messier and Wayne Gretzky was my life, right?

And, you know, I may look like an ethnic minority, but I am like, you know, a true blue, red dyed-in-the-wool Canadian, and I’m so proud to be from this country. And, anyone who asks me what it’s like to be Canadian, I would say it would be like the greatest country to live in.

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