True North Strong and Free: Lan Ton

True North Strong and Free: Lan Ton

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Transcript: “True North Strong and Free: Lan Ton”

Video length: 0:41

(Montage of words representing Canada)

(Title appears: Our Citizenship)

(Title appears: Lan Ton on what it means to be Canadian)

(Title appears: Lan Ton (Former Refugee)

(medium shot of Lan, who is seated while talking)

When I arrived 40 years ago, as a refugee without a country, Canada was a whole new world to me. It meant freedom, democracy, democratic values, wide open spaces, the most beautiful sites: mountains, lakes, the sea. If you have to choose one country, it really is Canada, the best country in the world.

(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada wordmark appears)

(Government of Canada wordmark appears)


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