Waking up Canadian

Waking up Canadian

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Transcript: “Waking up Canadian”

Video length: 1:13 minutes

Interior bathroom – night

Close up of a man in pyjamas is brushing his teeth before bed.

Interior bedroom: man crosses bedroom yawning, the bedroom is drab and boring.

Man crosses April 16th off on the calendar while giggling to himself. We see that all previous days are crossed off with red X’s.

Close up of the man crossing off day on calendar. The next day is circled.

Narrator: “What a difference a day makes”

In bed, the man leans over and sets his alarm clock and turns off light.

Close up of clock, time switches from 11:59 to 12:00. Owl hoots once

Camera tilts down to a wide shot of the man waking up in his bed. His entire room has been re-decorated with all Canadian imagery such as Canadian flag sheets

First few notes of oh Canada (national anthem)

Background music continues

Man reaches over to turn off alarm clock and looks up. On the clock are poutine and maple syrup.

Shot of life sized plush toy moose.

Shot of plush toy bear in mountie costume.

Man in bed looks around again

Shot of a picture of the queen surrounded by flags

Shot of man looking over at Canada cookies beside bed.

Shot of touques and a backpack on a chair.

Close up of mans face looking surprised and pleased.

Close up of maple leaf touque.

Man looks around bedroom and looks surprised.

A hockey player is at the foot of the bed waving at the man in bed.

Man in bed waves back, looks away, then has a look of realization cross his face.

A shot of calendar. The circled date now has a maple leaf in it. The camera zooms in to that date and leaf sparkles.

Narrator: On April 17th 2009

Man hears a knock at the door and scrambles from bed. Knock at door

Narrator: you or someone you know

The man rushes to the door and opens it. A mountie is standing there and the man is elated.

Narrator: “May wake up Canadian”

Man: “Hey!”

Mountie: “Good morning, welcome”

Man happily covers mouth with astonishment.

Man is once again in bedroom, dancing with a poutine in hand and wearing a maple leaf touque.

Narrator: “New rules may give you Canadian citizenship even if you live outside canada”

Wider shot of room. Man is still dancing.

Shot blurs and then darkens.

Narrator: “Waking up Canadian? Go to www.cic.gc.ca/citizenship to find out more.

Graphic: Canada word mark

Narrator: “A message from the Government of Canada”

The end.


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