A warm welcome (long)

People come to Canada for many reasons. No matter where they're from or why they're here, a warm Canadian welcome can make a difference.

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Transcript: A warm welcome (long)

Video length: 30 seconds

Inspiring piano plays throughout.

A newcomer boy and girl walk through the front door of their new home. Moving boxes and luggage are stacked near the front door.

Voice-over: People come to Canada for many reasons.

Their parents, a man and woman dressed in winter clothes, follow the children through the front door. They put down a suitcase and a box. They look at each other and the woman puts a hand on the man’s arm.

The newcomer girl opens a box and searches for something. She pulls out a stuffed animal and smiles.

Voice-over: No matter where they’re from or why they’re here, a warm Canadian welcome can make a difference.

The newcomer boy sits on the stairs. There are boxes behind him. He smiles while sending a text message that says “We’re here! [freezing face emoji] [Canadian flag emoji]”.

The newcomer father and mother are talking in the dining room. The mother is unpacking a bag and holds a decorative box in her hand. There is a knock at the door.

Voice-over: There are many ways to make a newcomer feel at home.

The front door opens and a Canadian father, mother, and teenage son greet the newcomer family with smiles and a wave.

Text displays “Visit Canada.ca/warm-welcome”.

Voice-over: Visit Canada.ca/warm-welcome to find out how.

The Canadian mother puts a hand on her son’s arm encouragingly. He presents two pairs of hand-knitted mittens to the newcomers.

The newcomer girl accepts a pair of the mittens. She smiles as she looks back at her mother.

The newcomer mother invites the Canadian family inside the home.

Voice-over: Message brought to you by the Government of Canada.

The Canada wordmark is displayed while the “Oh Canada” jingle plays.

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