Welcome to Canada to the Kurdi family

Watch the arrival of the Kurdi family at Vancouver International Airport.

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Transcript: “Welcome to Canada to the Kurdi Family”

Video length: 39 seconds

Upbeat music plays in the background while a video montage is shown. A dark screen brightens and stars appear in the background.

Black text displays on three lines: “IRCC, Update on Refugees, Mise à jour sur les réfugiés’’ with a red Canadian maple leaf design between IRCC and Update on Refugees and Mise à jour sur les réfugiés.

The music stops.

The screen goes white.

The screen changes to a group of adults and children holding signs and Canadian flags, some walking others running toward a door at an airport. Meanwhile, another group of people are on the other side of the door. They open the door and start running to meet the first group of people. When they meet, the two groups of people hug and smile, and cheering and clapping is heard by bystanders.

The screen changes to a view of a group of children holding up white handmade signs saying “Welcome Kurdi Family” in different colours. Clapping can be heard in the background.

The screen changes to a large group of people, smiling and looking happy, most of them looking at a man holding a little baby girl.

The screen changes to a view of a woman in an airport background, with the name Tima Kurdi shown in white font over the image.

Tima Kurdi: And they said, “We watched the news, when the first plane arrived, when our Prime Minister welcomed those refugees. We were crying and we felt the love from those Canadian people.” So they feel really comfortable now.

The screen changes to group of people, some of the same people as before, and they are hugging and smiling and they look happy.

The screen goes white.

Text on screen is in grey font and reads: “#WelcomeRefugees” and then “#Bienvenueauxréfugiés,” with a red Canadian maple leaf design.

Text displayed is: “The Canada workmark”; “Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada”; and “Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada.”

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