Young volunteers fundraise to welcome Syrian refugees: Dartmouth

To facilitate the arrival of a Syrian refugee family, young volunteers in Nova Scotia took part in fundraising activities near their community in Dartmouth.

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Transcript: “Young volunteers fundraise to welcome Syrian refugees: Dartmouth”

Video length: 1:47 minutes

A group of young children draw in a parish hall.

NARRATION: A group of young volunteers from Nova Scotia took part in fundraising activities to help sponsor a family of Syrian refugees near their community in Dartmouth. These young people prepared to welcome the newcomers as they carried out the project.

The children work together writing on a piece of paper.

A young girl speaks.


GRACE O’REGAN: I thought of what would it be like to be my age and younger having to travel on unsafe boats, away from your home that has been bombed and wrecked. It just… it wouldn’t be fair at all, and I thought if they were to come to Canada they should have a safe and healthy place to live, and I thought I’d like to help.

Another young girl speaks surrounded by a group of young people.

Text displays: “RUTH O’REGAN, VOLUNTEER”

A montage showing the children participating in activities and engaging with adult facilitators plays as she speaks.

RUTH O’REGAN: That would be very nice to meet the family, getting to know them and trying to be their friends because they probably may have gotten separated from some of the people they were closest with back in Syria. It’s never too late to try to help someone who really needs it, and I really hope they’re somewhere around our school so they could come in our school, and we could really help them to be welcome.

A young girl speaks.


MARY-JACQUELINE BENT: I’m very excited for them to arrive because that means that we have achieved our goal, and I will be very excited when they learn more common languages because then we can actually properly communicate instead of just going (waves her hand).

A young boy speaks.


AIDEN FERGUSON: To other kids in Canada, who would like to help fundraise, is to, just do it. I know it is time consuming, but it really pays off and it feels really good to know that you are helping others.

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