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The Teachers’ Corner offers you resources to teach citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism subjects. Share them with your students and colleagues as part of a lesson or to make learning more fun!

Lesson plans

Reaffirmation ceremony

Teach your students to participate in a reaffirmation ceremony!

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From our partner

These resources are provided by our partner Historica Canada.

The Citizenship Challenge

Take a mock citizenship exam to test your knowledge of Canada! Individuals, classrooms and community groups can participate.

Prizes include

  • an all-expenses-paid trip to Ottawa
  • a citizenship celebration
  • other great Canadian prizes!

Civics in the Classroom: Citizenship Challenge Elementary Education Guide

Learn about key topics in Canadian civics such as

  • how the Canadian government works
  • the rights and responsibilities of Canadians
  • creating positive change in society through active citizenship

Indigenous Perspectives Education Guide

Discover Canada’s history from Indigenous perspectives. This guide highlights that

  • popular narratives of Canadian history are usually told from the perspective of European settlers
  • Indigenous experiences are often excluded from telling Canada’s history

Canada Past and Present: A Citizenship Education Guide

This guide is for

  • newcomer students on the path to citizenship
  • any student wishing to learn more about Canada in a history or social studies class

It covers topics in the Canadian citizenship test with more depth and context, which helps students to

  • deepen their knowledge of Canada’s past and present
  • gain a fuller understanding of the country

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