International Experience Canada Travel Checklist

International Experience Canada travel checklist (PDF, 448.23KB)

It takes a lot of planning to prepare yourself to work and live abroad. Use our travel checklist to help you get ready.

Country information

Research the country you’re visiting to be familiar with:

  • work permit or visa requirements
  • places to live
  • local languages, customs, and laws
  • weather and climate
  • ways to get around:
    • public transit
    • driving laws and customs
    • driver’s licence transferability
  • finance and banking systems:
    • getting and exchanging money (banks, ABMs)
    • currency and exchange rates
    • accepted credit and debit cards
    • cost of living
    • youth discount programs
  • ways to stay connected:
    • mobile roaming charges
    • internet and Wi-Fi availability
    • phone and internet service plans
    • voltage converters for charging your devices

Safety, security and emergencies

Important documents

  • bring all required travel documents, including your:
    • passport
    • work permit or visa
  • make two copies of:
    • the first two pages of your passport
    • travel permits or visas
    • your driver’s license
    • your student identification
    • medical and travel insurance documents
    • proof of funds
    • medical prescriptions
    • other important documents
  • leave a copy of your important documents at home and bring one with you

Jobs and taxes

  • understand local worker rights and labour standards, including:
    • minimum wage
    • hours of work
    • overtime
    • rest periods
    • days of rest
    • holidays
  • learn about taxes:
  • research job prospects online and in person
  • bring updated copies of your resume and cover letter to share with potential employers

Health, travel and medical insurance

Connecting you to world of opportunity

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