Revoking citizenship

Your Canadian citizenship may be revoked (taken away) if you:

  • committed fraud
  • misrepresented yourself
  • knowingly hid information on an immigration or citizenship application

If your citizenship is revoked, you must wait 10 years from the date of revocation to get citizenship again.

We don’t accept applications for renunciation of Canadian citizenship if your citizenship is already being revoked.

How revocation works

Before taking away your citizenship, we’ll send you a Request for Information letter. This letter explains that we have information saying you may have obtained citizenship by false representation, fraud or knowingly hiding information. You have 30 days to respond.

If we decide to continue the revocation process, then you’ll receive a Notification Letter. You have 60 days to respond and give us information or evidence you want us to consider.

The Federal Court is the decision maker for all citizenship revocation cases, unless you request the Minister be the decision maker.

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