Welcome to Canada: Connecting to settlement services and community supports and programs

Finding a sense of community, safety and belonging is important in helping you and your family feel more at home in Canada. To help with this, there are special programs and services available from

  • settlement services providers
  • community groups, including Ukrainian Canadian organizations
  • provincial, territorial and local governments in the city or town you live in

Connect with your local settlement services provider

One of the first things you should do after you arrive in Canada is reach out to your local settlement services organization. They are part of a national network of 550 settlement services provider organizations that receive funding from the Government of Canada.

They can help you

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Ukrainian Canadian organizations

Ukrainian Canadian organizations, such as the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, are helping people like you feel at home in Canada. With branches across the country, their volunteers can help connect you with other newcomers from Ukraine, as well as other important resources in your new community. Some branches even have places where you can pick up essential items, such as clothing, personal supplies and small household goods.

Programs and services offered by cities and towns

Some cities and towns are having information sessions so you and your family can learn more about important services and programs, such as

They also offer programs for children, teenagers and adults that anyone can join, such as

Some of these programs are free; others have a registration fee. Contact your city or town if you want more information on the programs that are available for you and your family.

Getting support from your community

Settlement services provider organizations are just one place to get help. Libraries have many resources and supports to help you feel at home, and most of their services are free.

Many public libraries offer not only book borrowing, but also things like

To get a library card, you just need to show proof of your address. This can be a

Community centres are another important resource. They often have things like

Places of worship can also help you meet people who share similar faiths. Canadians gather in churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and private residences to practise their faith.

Get help in different provinces and territories

Learn more about how to get different kinds of help in

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