Federal Internship for Newcomers Program: Who can apply


To apply for the FIN Program you must have a post-secondary degree, except for some administrative positions where it’s only an asset.

You must register as soon as possible with a FIN Program partner immigrant-serving organization (ISO).

When you apply you must:

  • have been a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen for 10 years or less counting from:
    • the day you became a permanent resident
    • to the day you apply
  • live in
    • Ottawa/Gatineau (or within a 125 kilometre radius)
    • Moncton (or within a 75 kilometre radius)
    • Fredericton (or within a 75 kilometre radius)
    • Halifax (or within a 100 kilometre radius)
    • St. John’s (or within a 150 kilometre radius)
    • Toronto (or within a 125 kilometre radius)
    • Victoria (or within a 75 kilometre radius)

More locations may be added in future.

If you’re a graduate of the World University Service of Canada’s (WUSC) Student Refugee Program, you can apply from anywhere in Canada.

If you’ve lived in Canada longer than 10 years

If you’re a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen who has lived in Canada for longer than 10 years, you can:

  • apply online for other federal public service jobs on GC Jobs
  • participate in other specialized recruitment programs, such as the Post-Secondary Recruitment Program

Language skills requirements

FIN Program candidates must prove that they have the necessary language skills in English or French.

You may show diplomas, transcripts, or certificates from a recognized, post-secondary institution to prove your English or French language skills. Your institution may be in Canada or abroad, and your document must:

  • show that you successfully graduated or completed a program in English or in French
  • be in English or French, otherwise you should:
    • include a translation of the original document
    • submit a letter from the institution that proves the instruction language was English or French

If you’ve only taken some courses in English or French, we can’t accept them as proof of language.

If you decide to take a language course and show proof of skills through tests, you must have one of the following:

Only scores obtained on or after May, 2020, in these tests will be considered.

Past participants

If you were placed as an intern in one program year, you can re-apply if you:

  • still meet the core eligibility criteria
  • have active and up-to-date files with an ISO
  • inform your ISO of your intent to apply before the registration deadline

You can’t re-apply if you’ve completed one or more internships in two different program years.

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