From Kandahar to Windsor: The story of Ghousuddin Frotan

Ghousuddin Frotan, his wife Fatima and their eight children arrived in Canada in early 2022. Their journey to get here was not easy. Just as their long travels began, the family had a harrowing experience at Kabul airport, where one of their children went missing for several hours during the chaos. Before finally arriving in Windsor, Ontario, they had to make their way to Qatar, England and Mexico.


As a journalist in Kandahar, Ghousuddin covered the southern region of Afghanistan for the Wall Street Journal. He also founded the not-for-profit Hindara Educational and Social Development Organization, and the WESA Academy (the first English Medium school in Kandahar). Today, WESA Academy provides quality education to more than 1,400 students, including 683 girls, in Afghanistan’s southern region.

Ghoussuddin also created Ako Bako, a children’s monthly magazine. The name Ako Bako comes from a popular folksong that Afghan children have sung across all regions and languages, throughout Afghanistan’s history.

Leaving these passion projects behind was not easy for Ghousuddin, but with his family’s safety at risk, the choice was clear.

Since settling in Windsor, his children, including his daughters, have embraced their new school. He is hopeful they can continue their studies without fear. Ghousuddin has also started to establish his journalism career in Canada. He’s published articles in the Toronto Star and secured a Dalla Lana Fellowship in Global Journalism at the University of Toronto. He dreams of continuing to work with Canadian organizations that support education initiatives in Afghanistan, to help other children continue their education.

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