Assessing refugee sponsorship groups

To make sure the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program works effectively, we regularly assess and monitor the sponsorship groups we work with to deliver the program. These groups include

In this section, learn about

This section also provides SAHs with more information about the organizational assessment they must now complete.

Why we assess sponsorship groups

How assessments and monitoring protect

  • the integrity of the PSR program
  • the refugees being sponsored

Sponsorship group responsibilities

Learn about the responsibilities of all sponsorship groups in the PSR program.

How we assess sponsorship groups

What we do to assess and monitor sponsorship groups before and after refugees arrive in Canada.

Sponsorship groups that don’t meet their responsibilities

What can happen when a sponsorship group doesn’t meet its responsibilities, including sponsorship breakdowns and defaults.

Sponsorship agreement holders

SAHs that don’t meet their responsibilities

How SAH agreements can be affected if they don’t meet their sponsorship responsibilities. We call these agreement actions.

SAH organizational assessments

Starting in September 2022, all SAHs must complete an organizational assessment. Get the assessment package, and learn how and when to complete it.

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