Joint Assistance Program: About the process

Sponsor a refugee with special needs

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) sometimes partners with organizations to resettle refugees with special needs. This program is called Joint Assistance Sponsorship (JAS).

Refugees with special needs may need more support than other refugees to settle in Canada. Special needs may be:

  • trauma from violence or torture,
  • medical disabilities,
  • the effects of systemic discrimination, or
  • a large number of family members.

Under the JAS program, the government and a private sponsor support refugees for up to 24 months, depending on the case. In a few cases, the private sponsor may support refugees for up to 36 months.

These refugees get income support from the Government of Canada for:

  • food,
  • shelter,
  • clothing, and
  • basic household goods.

They are also matched with a private sponsorship group. The sponsorship group helps refugees adjust to life in Canada by giving them settlement help and emotional support.

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