Conflict in Sudan - Temporary measures for foreign national family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents

Due to the armed conflict in Sudan, many Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada and their foreign national family members have had to suddenly flee the country.

You can apply for a fee-exempt temporary residence document to travel to Canada if you meet the criteria below:

Definition of family member

A family member is defined as a

If you don’t qualify for the temporary measures, you can still apply for a visitor visa to come to Canada, but you must meet all eligibility and admissibility requirements, and you must pay all related fees.

If you qualify for the temporary measures, you

If you arrive in Canada before July 15, 2023, you’ll also

More information on how to apply from inside Canada will be available soon.

How to apply

We’re contacting family members who have been affected. However, if you meet the above criteria and we haven’t contacted you, let us know by using our web form.

When completing the web form, in the “Tell us about your situation” box

After you submit a web form request, we’ll contact you with next steps.

Use our web form

Applications in progress from those living in Sudan

We’re processing complete temporary and permanent residence applications from those living in Sudan on a priority basis. If you have an application in progress, you don’t need to apply again.

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