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The stories in this section feature the work and contributions that our employees and partners make across the country. The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada delivers high-quality impact assessments of major projects. We conduct our work using scientific and technical rigor informed by extensive Indigenous and public consultation. Come see our impact on Canada.

Visit our Milestones in the history of assessments to discover how project assessments contribute to a more sustainable Canada.

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Gerald Gloade

Giving voice to Indigenous concerns about wellness
(by Beth Gorham, Freelance Writer)


A study on food security and other health and cultural issues contributes to the broader scope of issues now being considered in impact assessments.

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Resources to Understand Cumulative Effects in Northern Ontario 2023-05-31

Governments, Indigenous Peoples, environmental non-governmental organizations, academic researchers and project proponents can now search the Open Science and Data Platform based on their region of interest and learn about the potential effects of proposed development.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022-02-07

IAAC honours the work of women in science on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Life sciences – a lifetime interest 2022-02-07

Find out how Johannie's love of saving snails led her on a path to working as a Project Manager.

Science: an array of opportunities


As a young adult, Geneviève contemplated being an astrophysicist. Although she continues to look up at the stars, her fascination with biological sciences took precedence.

Social science and impact assessment


Marion provides subject matter expertise on health and gender-based analysis plus.

A unique path to a scientific career


Find out how scuba diving with her father at 12 years old sparked, Lucy’s interest in marine biology and led her on a very unique career path.

Problem-solving and learning by science-based experience


Lynette’s drive to solve puzzles made her a natural fit for a career in the sciences.

The confidence to act on our dreams


Hayet’s curiosity to understand the world around her and explore its wonders led her to a career in the sciences.

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