Committed to Sustainable Development and a Healthy Environment

Canadians have the ability to make development sustainable by ensuring that their decisions today do not infringe on the ability of future generations to meet their needs. To achieve this, individuals and institutions need to integrate economic, environmental, and social considerations into their decision-making activities.

We, at the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency make it our mission to provide Canadians with high quality environmental assessments that contribute to informed decision making in support of sustainable development. In addition, we are committed to integrating sustainable development principles into our internal operations.

Our commitments are being implemented through an environmental management system. This system will provide us with a framework to manage, evaluate, improve, and communicate our environmental performance through our internal policies and day-to-day operations. Our environmental management system is based on achieving the following goals:

Solid Waste Management

Improving the management of our waste by introducing innovative measures to encourage "greener" thinking, reducing, reusing, and recycling our waste.

Green Procurement

Demanding high environmental standards from our suppliers; identifying, and purchasing "greener" products and services; and considering product life-cycle whenever possible.

Human Resource Management

Increasing our awareness about environmental initiatives and their benefits; encouraging all staff to participate in these initiatives; communicating successes, and soliciting suggestions and comments from staff when developing initiatives.

Energy and Water Conservation

Encouraging the owners and managers of the buildings that we occupy to reduce water and energy use through improved maintenance, repair practices, and future building upgrades.


Adapting existing policies, practice, and infrastructure to encourage all staff to use "green" methods of transportation.

We, the management and staff of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, willingly support these goals and add our signatures demonstrate our commitment.

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