The Impact Assessment Process: Timelines and Outputs

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10 Days Service Standard

1. Planning

Up to 180 Days

IA by Agency

IA by a review panel

  • Minister may refer impact assessment to review panel (within 45 days of Notice of Commencement)

IA by a Jurisdiction

  • Minister may approve request that impact assessment be conducted by another jurisdiction Key points for public engagement Key points for Indigenous engagement and partnership

2. Impact Statement (IS)

Up to 3 years

IA by the Agency

IA by a review panel

3. Impact Assessment (IA)

Up to 300 days

IA by the Agency

Up to 600 days | Integrated Assessment: Up to 300 days

IA by a review panel

4. Decision-Making

Minister: 30 days | Governor in Council : 90 days

5. Post Decision

(if decision allows project to proceed)


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