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On June 20, 2024, the Budget Implementation Act, 2024, received Royal Assent and brought into force amendments to the Impact Assessment Act (IAA). These changes were made in response to the Supreme Court of Canada's decision on the constitutionality of the IAA. Over the coming weeks and months, this website along with procedures, policy and guidance documents will be updated to reflect these legislative changes, as required.

Public participation is essential to the understanding of issues surrounding a project and its impacts on people and their environment. Your contribution can influence impact, regional or strategic assessments, their outcomes and the decisions made along the way.

Why and how to participate

Find out about contributing your information, comments and community knowledge on a project or assessment.

Get participant funding

Apply for financial assistance to help you prepare for, and take part in, key stages of an assessment.

Stay informed, stay connected

Stay in touch to get the latest news or receive updates on specific assessments.

Get involved in an assessment near you

Find information on projects or assessments in your region via the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry.

Participation of Indigenous Peoples

Discover how we seek to work with Indigenous Peoples in a way that advances reconciliation.

Get training

Register for free training to help you better understand and participate in impact assessments.

Learn more about impact assessment

Learn basic, important and essential facts about impact assessment.

Transcript: Public participation in impact assessment

Did you know?

Your participation in federal impact assessments ensures an open, balanced process and strengthens the quality of project reviews near you.

Getting involved in an assessment might seem intimidating but it benefits everyone.

Bringing different views and perspectives to the table leads to a deeper understanding of issues and impacts and helps us improve decision-making.

We particularly want to hear from all walks of life people of different races, languages, sex, gender and economic and social backgrounds.

From planning an impact assessment to commenting on the conditions the project developers may have to follow, there are many points in the process when you share your views.

You can get involved in an impact assessment by:

  • signing-up to get notifications on a project as it goes through the various stages in the assessment process;
  • taking a training course on how impact assessments work;
  • attending an in-person or online information session, open house, meeting, or public hearing; or
  • submitting written comments on the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry.

Need financial help to get involved? Our Participant Funding Program can help you or your group if you are eligible.

For more information about funding, training and opportunities to participate visit

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