Innovation Superclusters Initiative: Shortlist of Applicants


October 12, 2017

The Innovation Superclusters Initiative will allocate targeted, high-value investments worth a total of up to $950 million. Industry-led consortia were invited to apply under a two-phase process.

The first phase attracted more than 50 letters of intent, which represented more than 1,000 businesses and 350 other participants from all regions of Canada. The applicants put forward strategies to increase growth and create jobs across a wide range of innovative industries.

The following shortlist of applicants will be invited to submit detailed proposals by November 24, 2017. At the conclusion of the second phase, up to five successful applicants will receive non-repayable contributions. The successful applicants will be required to match dollar for dollar the federal funds that they receive.

Title: AI-powered Supply Chains Supercluster
Mission statement: Define a new global supply-chain platform and bolster Canadian leadership in artificial intelligence and data science to profoundly impact the retail, manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. Empower Canada as a leading exporter through, for example, demand forecasting, product customization and process optimization.
Applicant: Optel Group along with more than 80 innovation partners
Location: Quebec
Title: Building an Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster for Canada
Mission statement: Supercharge competitiveness in Canada by positioning manufacturers as the ultimate tech integrators. Drive collaboration between technology and manufacturing sectors, using the Internet of Things, big data, sensor technology and intelligent machines, to create and apply new solutions that scale production, speed adoption and improve efficiency.
Applicant: Communitech Corporation and MaRS Discovery District along with more than 100 innovation partners
Location: Ontario
Title: Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster
Mission statement: Make Canada faster, smarter and more collaborative in inventing, developing and applying digital technologies. Advance data collection, analysis and visualization to drive competitiveness across environment and resource technologies, precision health and manufacturing.
Applicant: TELUS Communications Inc. along with more than 70 innovation partners
Location: British Columbia
Title: Clean, Low-energy, Effective, Engaged and Remediated (CLEER) Supercluster: Powering Clean Growth Through Mining Innovation
Mission statement: Transform Canada's mining sector and position Canada as a global leader in clean resources, clean technology and responsible sourcing of metals. Tackle global challenges of energy intensity, water use and environmental footprint through collaborative innovation. Initiate export pathways. Create new skilled jobs.
Applicant: Canada Mining Innovation Council along with more than 90 innovation partners
Location: Ontario, with Quebec and British Columbia
Title: Mobility Systems and Technologies for the 21st Century (MOST21) Supercluster
Mission statement: Leverage digital technologies to advance Canadian industrial leadership in next-generation mobility products and services. Focus on innovation and commercialization to serve market needs in aerospace, ground transportation and advanced manufacturing.
Applicant: CAE Inc. along with more than 170 innovation partners
Location: Quebec, with Ontario, British Columbia and Atlantic Canada
Title: Ocean Supercluster
Mission statement: Maximize the economic potential and sustainable development of Canada's ocean economy. Address shared innovation needs to improve productivity and global competitiveness by investing in digital ocean technologies for industries such as aquaculture, capture fishery, offshore oil and gas, and clean energy.
Applicant: Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador along with more than 25 innovation partners
Location: Atlantic Canada
Title: Protein Innovations Canada (PIC) Supercluster: Unleashing the Potential of Canadian Crops
Mission statement: Position Canada as the world's paramount supplier of plant-based proteins and related products. Capture the massive export-market opportunity for safe, nutritious plant-based food and feed by stimulating collaboration on novel technologies and value-added supply-chain infrastructure.
Applicant: Ag-West Bio Inc. along with more than 60 innovation partners
Location: Saskatchewan
Title: Smart Agri-food Supercluster
Mission statement: Make Canada the preferred global supplier of sustainable, high-quality, safe food. Advance market competitiveness by building information technologies, which includes data analysis and quality verification platforms to add informatics, connectivity and traceability in the crop, livestock and agri-food processing sectors.
Applicant: Agrium Inc. along with 50 innovation partners
Location: Alberta
Title: Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure (SSRI) Supercluster
Mission statement: Transform Canada's built environment to make it more resilient, sustainable, productive and cost effective. Revolutionize the design, construction and operations of infrastructure and make Canada a world leader in the use of advanced digital communications, cutting-edge tools, and interconnected applications and services.
Applicant: Stantec Consulting Ltd. along with more than 25 innovation partners
Location: Alberta

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