New supercluster project to improve transparency and productivity of Canadian farms


February 27, 2020

Stakeholder Quotes

“We’re excited to work with Protein Industries Canada, Verge Technologies, Skymatics and Coutts Agro. The project gives the opportunity to de-commoditize Canadian crops and find real, differentiating value in products as they move through the supply chain. We will leverage this direction to accelerate our data science team to drive value to the Canadian agriculture industry. Our shop drives urgent customer success and a culture for finding issues in the world’s most important supply chain. We capture food safety and traceability information to help customers find business efficiency and meet compliance demands. The investment from Protein Industries Canada will help us find additional value through the development of machine learning algorithms associated with food waste reduction, caloric efficiency, water usage and carbon impact, from crop product through processing.”
- Erik Westblom, co-founder and CEO of Provision Analytics

“We are very excited to be working with this consortium group and Protein Industries Canada on this exciting project. Our focus at Verge Technologies is to drive efficiency within farming operations by providing tools that allow farmers to optimize the productivity of their in-field machinery. Focusing on efficiency in field means that farmers save time, reduce input costs and fuel consumed, as well as making better soil management decisions. All of these outcomes lead to cost savings for the farmer and more sustainable farming operations. With the support we are receiving from Protein Industries Canada by way of funding and partner access, we are making this a reality for Canadian farmers.”
- Ryan Johnson, CEO of Verge Technologies

“At Skymatics we see real value in allowing growers and producers to leverage every bit of their on-farm data and information to help grow their business in terms of efficiency and profitability. We’re excited to have the support of Protein Industries Canada as we begin this project with Provision, Verge Technologies and Coutts Agro to further develop and prove the value of bringing greater data transparency and traceability to the Canadian Ag industry.”
- EJ Burrows, CEO of Skymatics

“Thank you to everyone at Protein Industries Canada, Provision Analytics, Verge and Skymatics for making our group’s application a success. Never has the pace of changing demands around food been so great. As farmers we take great care to sustainably produce safe food while improving outcomes for all stakeholders, including the environment. With this project, our group is able to create a future where the Canadian agriculture sector is on the right side of history and Canadian farmers are participating in the associated value creation.”
- Matt Coutts, Vice President of Coutts Agro

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