Recognizing the high calibre of health research at Western University – Description of research projects


Researcher Project Amount
Dr. Stefan Everling Identifying drugs that will improve the cognitive deficits in schizophrenia. $2.6M
Dr. Amit Garg Enabling more patients with kidney failure to safely receive transplants and helping candidates make informed decisions about becoming living kidney donors. $5.3M
Dr. David Holdsworth Answering important questions such as: Why do some tissues degrade in damaged joints? Which conditions will respond to exercise, rehabilitative therapy, or joint-preserving surgery, and which will require joint-replacement surgery? $3.3M
Dr. Ravi Menon Developing and using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods to inform decisions around when and what dose of drugs to deliver to patients with multiple sclerosis, by measuring biomarkers of the disease. $2.6M
Dr. Andrew Pruszynski Exploring new clinical approaches that improve functional outcomes for people with peripheral nerve damage. $1.3M
Dr. Kelly Anderson Improving outcomes, preventing delays in educational and career development and easing the distress of those affected by psychotic disorders. $551,000
Dr. Eric Arts Devising a “cure” strategy where patients are vaccinated with a dead form of their own HIV virus, which appears to drive out the last remaining infectious HIV in a patient. $849,000
Dr. Robert Bartha Using drugs that acidify brain tumours to shrink their size and control the growth of the most aggressive and fatal brain cancer. $681,000
Dr. Lakshman Gunaratnam Advancing our understanding of why transplanted kidneys fail prematurely and helping to develop new potential treatments to prolong their lifespan. $704,000
Dr. David Heinrichs Designing successful next-generation drugs and therapeutic strategies to treat patients with Staphylococcus aureus infection. $1.1M
Dr. David Hess Developing novel therapies to treat critical limb ischemia, an obstruction of the arteries that reduces blood flow to the extremities and causes severe pain. $704,000
Dr. Lisa Marie Hoffman Reducing medical costs, prolonging ambulation and longevity, and improving quality of life for patients affected by muscle degeneration. $604,000
Dr. Joy MacDermid Determining if patients who have a broken bone in the wrist and hand can experience similar adequate pain control using over-the-counter medications when compared to a group taking narcotic medications. $398,000
Dr. Julio Martinez-Trujillo Advancing our basic knowledge of Hippocampal (memory and cognition) functions, searching for the causes of core symptoms of mental disease and generating interventions to improve or prevent such symptoms. $1M
Dr. Manuel Montero Odasso Exploring if conducting practical walking assessment in clinics helps detect who with mild cognitive impairment may progress to dementia.  $968,000
Dr. Anthony Nichols Studying the progression of anaplastic thyroid cancer at the molecular level using cutting-edge genetic techniques. $661,000
Dr. Lena Palaniyappan Using sophisticated brain-imaging techniques to measure myelin (a substance that insulates and speeds up the activity of nerve cells) across the brains of a sample of patients with schizophrenia to determine if myelin has an important role to play in the negative symptoms of the disease.  $566,000
Dr. Silvia Penuela Exploring potential new therapies to be used in the fight against malignant melanoma.  $673,000
Dr. Rithwik Ramachandran Gaining a clearer understanding of mechanisms that contribute to formation of heart diseases and stroke-causing blood clots. $402,000
Dr. Stephen Renaud Testing the applicability of targeting uterine immune cells to improve placental development with the goal of decreasing or preventing the incidence of preeclampsia. $551,000
Dr. John Ronald Developing an entirely new way to detect and visualize cancer by forcing tumours to produce molecules that can be easily detected with either blood or imaging tests. $673,000
Dr. Cheryle Seguin Using state-of-the-art imaging and molecular approaches to define the underlying mechanisms related to the development of diffuse idiopathic skeletal hypertosis, a disease that affects the neck and back. $570,000
Dr. Rennian Wang Ensuring the development of more successful protocols for generating and maintaining insulin-producing cells for the treatment of diabetes. $711,000
Dr. Donald Welsh Exploring the existence of vascular communication in brain blood vessels. $516,000
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