CIHR Fall 2017 Project Grant competition results 


The Project Grant competition is one of CIHR’s flagship funding programs. Project grants are multi-year grants designed to support researchers at various stages in their careers as they conduct health research and knowledge translation projects that cover the full range of health research topics. Project grant recipients are leaders in their fields and their projects tackle pressing health issues that matter to Canadians, such as cancer, autism, heart disease, and dementia.

In the Fall 2017 Project Grant competition, CIHR funded 512 research programs for a total investment of $372M. The average grant size/duration is $720,534 over 4.4 years. Please see the following table for the geographic distribution of Project grants. 

As well, 123 grants were awarded to early career investigators (ECIs), those in the first five years of their first academic appointments. In order to support researchers at the beginning of their careers, the success rates for ECIs was equalized, so that the proportion of ECIs funded equaled the proportion of ECI applicants in this competition.

Twenty-two grants were awarded for Indigenous health research projects. 


Province Amount of research funded (numbers rounded)
British Columbia $52.3M
Alberta $50.6M
Saskatchewan $5.4M
Manitoba $9.7M
Ontario $145M
Quebec $94.3M
New Brunswick $800,000
Nova Scotia $8.6M
Prince Edward Island $0
Newfoundland and Labrador $1.9M
Sub-total $368.6M
Bridge grants $3.3M
Total $371.9M

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