Brain Health and Cognitive Impairment in Aging Research Initiative


The Brain Health and Cognitive Impairment in Aging (BHCIA) Research Initiative is comprised of a comprehensive strategy, including a suite of funding opportunities that support research projects, people, and teams that, together, advance knowledge creation, training, and knowledge mobilization that will promote brain health during aging while addressing the complex care needs of people living with dementia and their caregivers.

New scientific knowledge generated by this investment will be shared widely with patients and their families, health care professionals, and policy- and decision-makers, through workshops, webinars, briefings, outreach campaigns, and other knowledge mobilization activities.

Mechanisms in Brain Aging and Dementia is one of several funding opportunities offered through the BHCIA Research Initiative. For a complete list of all funding opportunities through this initiative, please visit the BHCIA Research Initiative: Funding opportunities webpage.

Mechanisms in Brain Aging and Dementia - Grant Recipients

The list of projects with detailed summaries can be found on the CIHR website.

Principal Investigator Project Title Funding
Lora Appel,
York University
VR&R: Providing Respite to Caregivers by Managing Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms in People with Dementia Using Immersive VR-Therapy $308,952
Dawn Bowdish,
McMaster University
Uncovering the role of chronic inflammation and serious respiratory infections in brain aging and cognitive impairment $750,000
Brandy Callahan,
University of Calgary
Aging with neurodiversity: Investigating allostatic and vascular health as modifiable factors impacting brain aging in older adults with ADHD $641,878
Jing Chen,
Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care
Neurological markers of mid-life depression and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in dementia caregivers: the role of neuroinflammation $377,344
Mahsa Dadar,
McGill University
Incorporating Diversity in Alzheimer's Disease Research: Developing Representative and Generalizable models $713,000
Brianne Kent,
Simon Fraser University
Multiscale dynamical system modelling to understand resilience in brain aging and dementia $749,400
Andrew Lim,
Sunnybrook Research Institute
Healthy Sleep to Promote Resistance and Resilience to Alzheimer's Disease Related Brain Changes: An Integrated Wearable EEG, Genomic, MR Imaging, and Plasma Biomarker Study of Over 2600 Participants in the Canadian Longitudinal Study of Aging $749,458
Yona Lunsky,
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Promoting brain health: A national capacity building project for aging adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities, family caregivers and service providers $748,975
Maura Marcucci,
McMaster University
Mechanisms and prediction of perioperative brain injury and its long-term impact: the NeuroVISION-2 biobank initiative. $749,558
Megan O'Connell,
University of Saskatchewan
Supporting Indigenous Caregivers: Barriers and facilitators to implementing culturally safe dementia caregiver support groups with Indigenous communities and local Alzheimer Societies $748,085
Marie Pigeyre,
McMaster University
Metabolic and Inflammatory Pathways Linking Adiposity to Cognitive Decline : the Canadian Alliance of Healthy Hearts and Minds Biomarker Study $750,000
Taylor Schmitz,
University of Western Ontario
Leveraging deep biology for brain resilience to AD pathology $739,560
Katherine Siminovitch,
Sinai Health System
Resilience to age-related dementia by the microglial ABI-WAVE2 signaling axis $749,990

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