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The brand identity for Ādisōke, designed by Ottawa-based Spruce Creative, evolved from the feedback we received through public engagement in the design phase, as well as collaborative discussions between, Ottawa Public Library, Library and Archives Canada and the Anishinābe Algonquin Host Nation.

The vision of the brand is to articulate the unique past, present and future of this partnership-driven landmark facility. The brand identity is expressed through the following themes: storytelling, welcoming, learning, wonder, and creativity.

Inspired by the natural world, river stones serve as the main design element, and are also reflected in the facility’s architectural design. River stone represents the power of flowing water to shape the land, a similar force to the power of stories to shape our world. It reflects the passing of time, movement, rhythm, stories, building, shelter and energy. The icon design includes an organic stone shape which complements the curvatures of the facility’s iconic roof.

The brand’s primary colours, trillium and timber, are based in the natural elements, taking cues from the surrounding landscape. The warmth of trillium complements the brighter, warmer tones in the architectural accents, acting as a nod to dusk, while timber fits among the brown and yellow tones of daybreak.​

The font typeface for Ādisōke, Agena, was developed in Canada, and reflects Ādisōke as a modern and national institution. Simple and striking, cutting edge and organic, the font represents the balance inherent in Ādisōke.

The name “Ādisōke” means “storytelling” in Anishinābemowin Algonquin language. The tagline for Ādisōke is “Stories live here.” Stories are the traditional means by which Indigenous peoples share knowledge, culture and history over generations. The tagline grounds the brand in a sense of place and acknowledges the stories – past, present, and future – that are at the heart of Ādisōke. 

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