# 2017-111 - Initial Counselling (IC), Remedial Measures

Initial Counselling (IC), Remedial Measures

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2018–02–27

The grievor, a Regular Force officer undertaking basic occupational training at a Canadian Forces School was denied her request to live off base. Following the commencement of the course, during a surprise roll call, the grievor was found to be absent from her single quarters on base. Shortly thereafter, the grievor was issued an Initial Counselling (IC) for failing to follow the order to live-in.

The grievor argued that she had requested clarification regarding the live-in policy and understood that she was required to pay for and maintain a room on base, not that she had to physically occupy the space.

The Initial Authority (IA), the School Commandant, denied the grievance, concluding that the grievor was aware of the live-in policy. Given that she was found to be living off base, the IA found that her actions justified the IC.

The Committee found that the School Standing Orders and the course joining instructions clearly established that the grievor was required to “live in single quarters” unless granted exceptional permission to live off base. The grievor had sought such permission and been denied. The Committee also noted that the grievor had been advised by School staff that she needed to move into her on base quarters and that she never specifically asked the staff whether she could continue sleeping in her off base accommodation.

The Committee concluded that the grievor knew, or ought to have known, about the extent of her obligation to live-in during her course, and found that the assignment of an IC was justified. The Committee recommended that the grievance be denied.

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