Military Grievances External Review Committee

The Committee now operates under a hybrid model. If you need to visit the office in person, please make an appointment by phone or email.

The Military Grievances External Review Committee (Committee) is an independent administrative tribunal. The Committee reviews military grievances and provides findings and recommendations to the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member who submitted the grievance.


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Case summaries

This section provides access to Case Summaries, the Committee’s Findings and Recommendations submitted to the CDS, as well as summaries of the CDS decisions.

Systemic recommendations

The Committee sometimes finds that its recommendations with respect to a policy or a regulation may affect more than one CAF member, so it makes the CDS aware that a broader problem may exist.


These statistics provide an overview of the Committee’s findings and recommendations, as well as the CDS responses to them, over the last five years.

CAF grievance process

The Committee is part of the second level of the CAF grievance process.

What happens when the Committee receives a grievance file?

The Committee's current grievance review process consists of three steps: file reception, file review, as well as preparation and submission of findings and recommendations.

A timely review

A line graphic illustrates the average elapsed time taken by the Committee on cases completed over the last five years.


The Committee may deal with grievances referred to its review in a variety of manners, including the conduct of investigations and hearings.

Frequently asked questions

List of the most common questions regarding the Committee.

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