# 2017-143 - Remedial Measures

Remedial Measures

Case Summary

F&R Date: 2018–02–26

The grievor submitted five grievances related to four remedial measures and an adverse personnel development review (PDR) report. In all cases, the grievor contends that the measures were either unjustified or noncompliant with policy, and that they intended to diminish him. The grievor asked for all measures to be rescinded, to be immediately released under item 5a – retirement age, to be paid until reaching the Compulsory Retirement Age at the rate of one rank higher than his effective rank, and to be awarded damages of $100,000.

The grievor's chain of command contends that his conduct warranted the issuance of the various measures. The Initial Authority did not render decisions on the grievances in the prescribed time limit, but nonetheless found that the PDR placed unfair and unreasonable performance requirements on the grievor.

The Committee concluded that neither the grievor's conduct nor his performance warranted the issuance of remedial measures. It also concluded that the adverse PDR report was unjustified and did not comply with policy. The Committee commented on the evident workplace conflict and leadership failings at the grievor's unit, verging on abuse of authority. The Committee therefore recommended granting redress by rescinding and removing all records of the remedial measures and the PDR.

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