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Career progression

Case summary

F&R Date: 2021-03-25

The grievor applied for a posting outside Canada (OUTCAN) but was not selected. The grievor argued that the selection process was not fair or ethical and that the final result was based on opinion rather than the merit of candidates. The grievor sought a reassessment of his application.

The Initial Authority (IA) assured the grievor that his full application was considered at the time. The IA stated that the selection of personnel for any position is based upon many factors and the best fit is identified with the aim of balancing human resource requirements.

The Committee found that the call for nominations outlined prerequisites and conditions for selection that were used to initially screen for suitable candidates. The Committee considered that the informal selection process used by the military occupation (MOC) Advisor was reasonable and allowed for an overall assessment of the entire posting plan. The Committee noted that both the Career Manager and the MOC Advisor stated that other candidates were chosen primarily based on their availability to provide services in both official languages in the OUTCAN position. The Committee found that the grievor was not unjustly denied selection for the position and recommended that redress not be granted.

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