# 2020-113 Careers, Class A Reserve Service

Class A Reserve Service

Case summary

F&R Date: 2021-09-27

The grievor, a reservist, argued that his transfer to a regiment (Regt) was unfairly obstructed by an investigation. As redress, the grievor requested a transfer to the Regt.

The Commanding Officer (CO) of the gaining Regt denied the transfer because of the grievor's adverse relationship with a member of the gaining Regt.  

The Initial Authority was unable to render a decision within the prescribed four months. As a result, the grievor requested that that the grievance be forwarded to the Final Authority (FA).

The Committee found that the grievor's relationship with a member of the regiment was adverse as per the Defence Administrative Orders and Directives 5019-1. Consequently, the Committee found that the CO was justified in keeping the grievor and the other member separated and was authorized to deny the transfer request, as per the Canadian Forces Administrative Order 49-11.   

The Committee recommended that the FA not afford the grievor redress.  

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