# 2021-188 Pay and Benefits, Canadian Forces temporary duty travel instruction, Personal motor vehicle, Temporary duty benefits

Canadian Forces temporary duty travel instruction (CFTDTI), Personal motor vehicle (PMV), Temporary duty benefits 

Case summary

F&R Date: 2021-10-19

The grievor argued it was unfair that, as a Reserve Force (Res F) member, he was required to do a cost comparison before travelling in his private motor vehicle (PMV) to attend training while on temporary duty (TD) when this was not required of Regular Force (Reg F) members. The grievor requested reimbursement of the expenses he incurred, which were in excess of the cost comparison analysis.

The Initial Authority (IA) found that the approval authority, responsible for funding training, was different for Reg F and Res F members. The grievor’s unit has approved the use of a PMV, based on a cost comparison analysis, but had not directed that it be used. The IA stated that the grievor had been informed that reimbursement for use of a PMV would be based on this cost comparison analysis. The IA concluded that the direction issued by the Res F approving authority aligned with paragraph 7.40(2) of the Canadian Forces temporary duty travel instructions (CFTDTI) and that the grievor was treated in accordance with this policy. 

The Committee found that the reimbursement of the grievor's travel expenses, based on a cost comparison for using his PMV on TD, was appropriate and in accordance with the CFTDTI

The Committee recommended that the Final Authority (FA) not afford the grievor redress. 

FA Decision Summary

The FA, Director Canadian Forces Grievance Authority, agreed with the Committee's findings and recommendation, and declined to grant the redress sought. 

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