Pilot's Pay and Promotion


Pilot's Pay and Promotion

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Retroactive application of the current CDS’ decision rendered in 2013.


Given the number of Pilots affected, the Committee recommended that all the Pilots who have achieved Wing Standard prior to 19 April 2013 have their pay and promotion files be reviewed and corrected in accordance with the previous CDS’ practice (retroactive promotion to the rank of Capt (GSO)). 

Given the various and conflicting practices and policies applied over the past years, the Committee recommended that the CDS (or the Chief of Military Personnel) issue a CANFORGEN in which it would be made clear that:

•    The backdating of promotions to the rank of Capt GSO upon attaining Wings Standard is to be applied to all trainee Pilots who completed their training before 19 April 2013 (the date that the current CDS, as FA, changed a practice that had been approved and confirmed by the previous CDS as it was and is within his authority to do);

•    The current CDS’s directions provided in his grievance decision of 19 April 2013 are to be applied to all Pilots who completed their training as from that date until new policies are issued;

•    The various regulations and principles applicable to the determination of the PI anniversary dates for the corresponding periods; and

•    The CAF are currently working on policy amendments and that all members will be informed of the modification when completed and available.

Final Authority Decision

In response to the Committee's systemic recommendation, the Acting Chief of the Defence Staff (A/CDS) stated that training delays have an impact on service members and career progression cannot begin before meeting the occupational functioning point. The A/CDS disagreed with the Committee's systemic recommendation to issue a CANFORGEN to address the then long-lasting issue of delays in pilot training compared to other occupations. The A/CDS also apologized for the excessively long time it took to adjudicate the 2012 grievance. 

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