Policies on the Use of Social Networks


Policies on the Use of Social Networks

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It is a reality of modern society that increasing numbers of Canadians, military personnel included, are using social networks and have access to them via a variety of electronic platforms, including wireless networks, both in the workplace and elsewhere. Current policies and directives of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) governing access to social networks are limited to the use of the Department of National Defence/CAF infrastructure. Case law indicates, however, that inappropriate comments posted by employees on social networks can lead to administrative and/or disciplinary measures, irrespective of the location, time or electronic platform used. The CAF should alert military personnel to the potential consequences they may suffer when posting comments on the social networks. 


The Committee recommended that the Chief of the Defence Staff order updates to the applicable policies.

Final Authority Decision

The CDS agreed with the Committee's systemic recommendation and requested that the Chief of MIlitary Personnel review the policies on the use of social media by CAF members, in light of the issues raised, in order to ensure their contemporaneity.

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